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Fastener installation and inspection has never been more safe, accurate, and fast — with visual Direct Tension Indicating SmartBolts®

With SmartBolts® you’ll know FOR CERTAIN whether critical joints are tight at installation and whether they remain tight throughout the service life of the fastener.

Get the SmartBolts Advantage

>>Safer: SmartBolts take the guesswork out of safety, giving you peace of mind because you know your bolts are doing their job. Using SmartBolts results in less fatigue for installers – no repeated torque wrench calibration, no sample re-tightening, no turn-of-nut confirmation required.
>>More Accurate: SmartBolts technology is based on actual fastener elongation under load — the most accurate method of measuring fastener tension. Direct Tension Indicating — DTI SmartBolts are accurate to within 10% of design tension.
>>Reliable: SmartBolts can be used and re-used. When implemented properly, SmartBolts can have a useful life of over 20 years.


Savings at Every Stage of Your Business

Even before your SmartBolts are installed, you’ll typically save on design and material needs. On the day your Direct Tension Indicating SmartBolts are installed, you’ll benefit from immediate savings in your Total Installed Cost (TIC). Then, for years to come, you’ll experience significant ongoing savings in inspection and maintenance costs.

  • Save on Design: Incorporating SmartBolts into product design means less of everything – number of fasteners, strength of fasteners and diameters of drilled openings, saving you and your customer time and money.
  • Save on Installation: SmartBolts unique design eliminates the need for special tools or wiring during installation. Simply tighten the bolt until the indicator turns the proper color and the job is done. Typically, SmartBolts lower fastener installation times by 75% versus traditional methods.
  • Save on Maintenance: Visual indication is much safer and saves significant time and money. Personnel simply look at bolts from several feet away. Once identified as below acceptable tension, loose bolts ONLY are re-tightened. In a typical two week maintenance cycle on an installation of 1,000 fasteners, SmartBolts can reduce maintenance time by 80% and costs by as much as 50%.

More safe, accurate, reliable and economical…
SmartBolts® — The Smarter Way to Bolt!

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