What Others Say About SmartBolts…

"Now that we use SmartBolts in our 37 ton Gradall scaling machines, we can make educated decisions about maintenance because we know which bolts need service and how long a shutdown to schedule. As a result, we’re saving tens of thousands in overtime and downtime and our workers are happy to be spending much less time crawling under the Gradall checking bolts."

Maintenance Superintendent
K + S Windsor Salt Ltd.

"We initially had some concern about using these more ‘expensive’ bolts, but after several tests and trials showing their value in added safety, as well as less downtime and visual inspections – it was an easy decision to replace all our mold clamping bolts with SmartBolts. And the appreciation our operators have expressed is priceless!"

Yajie Wang, Advanced Process Engineer
Cooper Standard Automotive

"The constant movement of the welding robot was causing the bolts to lose tension. So we decided to retrofit our robots with SmartBolts; now the maintenance technician can look over during welding and visually check that the bolts are secure. This has had a positive impact on improving our overall safety and manufacturing efficiency."

Major Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

"The three main slewing bearings of our shiploaders connect the base structures to the loading arms and allow them to swing to reach various cargo holds in the ship. As Project Manager, I wanted to be completely confident that the installation crews were getting these critical bolts properly tightened during assembly and that they were staying tight. That’s exactly why SmartBolts are now our standard."

Gary Handbury, West Coast Corporate Manager
Agrico Sales