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SmartBolts Visits Brazil on Trade Mission

As part of a U.S. Department of Commerce program to stimulate trade with Latin American countries, Stress Indicators was pleased to take part in the Trade Winds Program in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Stress Indicators, Inc. was selected from an extensive list of U.S. based manufacturers to participate in this program.* The Department of Commerce selected the company because  the SmartBolts products are uniquely advantaged for the export market.

Charles Popenoe III, President of SII, attended the four day conference where he received extensive information about how to conduct trade with businesses throughout Latin America — both from a regulatory and customary point of view.

“The Americas region is one of the fastest growing economic partners of the United States and many foresee this growth to continue over the coming decades,” commented Popenoe. “U.S. businesses need to be prepared to take advantage of the benefits this growth is creating. I found the trade mission to be quite valuable and look forward to developing this incredible market opportunity,” he added.

It seems there is much growing interest in Latin American markets, especially Brazil itself. Recently, CBS’ 60 Minutes aired the story: Brazil: The world’s next economic superpower? Stating in the piece: “With most of the world’s economies stagnant, Brazil’s grew at 7 percent last year, three times faster than America. It is a huge country, slightly larger than the continental U.S., with vast expanses of arable farmland, an abundance of natural resources, and 14 percent of the world’s fresh water.”

The Council on Foreign Relations’ released this Fact Sheet on the U.S.-Brazil Economic Relationship which states:

The United States and Brazil, the two largest economies and the two largest democracies in the Western Hemisphere, share one of the most important trade and economic relationships in the world.  Brazil is our 10th largest trading partner.  U.S. goods and services exports to Brazil in 2010 are estimated to be more than $50 billion, which will support more than 250,000 jobs.  U.S. goods and services exports to Brazil are growing twice as fast as overall U.S. goods and services exports. Continue reading…

The Fact Sheet goes on to identify a few examples of how small and large businesses across the United States are creating jobs through commerce with Brazil, including:

Click to visit Rhino Assembly• Rhino Assembly Corporation (Charlotte, NC), a small business with 19 employees, is a supplier and repairer of aerospace and automotive assembly tools.  While attending Trade Winds Forum Brazil in Sao Paolo last year, the company developed a relationship with ASA Brazil, a Brazilian tool and equipment distributor, which has resulted in over $615,000 in sales over the past 12 months and the hiring of new employees in North Carolina.

As a direct result of the trade mission, Stress Indicators has partnered with Rhino Assembly to offer SmartBolts to their customers. Go here to see how Rhino is promoting SmartBolts on their website.

* Why Stress Indicators was selected to participate in the Department of Commerce Trade Winds Program:

Stress Indicator’s SmartBolts satisfy a very specific need – visual indication of tension.  The edge in SII’s product is that it is accurate to within 5 to 10%, re-usable and cost-effective.

Smartbolts give SII’s customers a competitive and / or strategic advantage in their respective industries that allows them to differentiate their products.

->  SII’s unique or special capabilities

1.  Smartbolts are the only color based, visual tension indicating instrumented bolt on the market

2.  Bolts are available in standard to precision grade, allowing for flexibility in their application and use

3.  Bolts are manufactured based on the “conversion” business model. The customer provides the raw bolt and SII converts it into an instrumented one using its proprietary technology.

4.  SII’s patented High Resolution SmartBolt is the next generation in visual tension indicating technology.

The applications for SmartBolts® are numerous – our current customers include companies in the electrical distribution and mining industry.  Tremendous potential exists for use of SmartBolts® in industrial construction, original equipment manufacturing, power generation (wind, hydroelectric and nuclear) and transmission as well as the Oil and Gas Industry.


Click here for Stress Indicator’s SmartBolts brochure in Portuguese