Rethink Bolting: What Does a SmartBolt Do that a DTI Washer Can’t?

Both DTI washers and DTI SmartBolts can indicate when a required bolt tension has been achieved in a fastener assembly. DTI washers feature bumps that flatten out as the bolt is tightened. By using a feeler gage of the correct dimension, an installer may conclude that a certain bolt tension has been achieved.  DTI SmartBolts […]

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Rethink Bolting: What Does a SmartBolt Do that a Torque Wrench Can’t?

Are you using a torque wrench to tighten your bolts? If so, it means that the bolts you are tightening are essential components and need to be tightened with a certain measurable amount of accuracy. For example, consider the bolt that secures the lawnmower blade to an engine. The designer of the assembly has provided […]

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Six Bolting Challenges: True Customer Stories

At Stress Indicators, we field calls and e-mails from people around the world who have bolting challenges.  They all have the goal of finding a solution.  For many of them, using the versatile SmartBolts® Visual Indication System™ provides the answer.  Here are six bolting challenges we hear frequently from customers.  Do any of the following […]

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Torque Measurements and the Nut Factor Problem

An explanation of the nut factor can get complicated very quickly. The nut factor is a grouping of the assumptions associated with torque measurement into one number. It exists to streamline and simplify all of the many factors affecting the use of torque measurement to achieve the desired result – precise clamp force on the […]

Four Reasons Why Measuring Torque Doesn’t Add Up

1. Contrary to popular belief, torque does not provide bolted joint security.   Properly tightened bolts act like coiled springs to provide clamp force. Regardless of installation method, only clamp force secures a bolted joint. Clamp force is created by bolt tension. Torque does not directly measure clamp force, rather it is a twisting force […]

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Five Reasons Why Engineers Prefer Tension

Why are engineers more likely to specify bolt tension for bolted joint security, rather than other methods, such as torque or turn of nut? Tension is Fundamental to Achieve a Secure Bolted Joint Engineers understand the importance of a safe and secure bolted joint. By measuring tension you can be sure that you are properly […]