Stress Indicators Expands Production Capacity, Fastener Size Range

Stress Indicators has responded to increasing customer demand by significantly increasing its production capacity.  The addition of a new CNC Turning Center is the centerpiece of the expansion, not only because it increases factory throughput for machining bolts, but also because it can accommodate fasteners as large as 2.5” (M64) in diameter. With the new […]

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Stress Indicators, Inc. CEO Discusses Exports with NPO Radio

The Stress Indicators, Inc. CEO, Charles Popenoe, was recently interviewed by NPO, a public-service radio channel in the Netherlands, to discuss the effects of the strengthening U.S. dollar on exports by American manufacturers. Stress Indicators, Inc. currently exports SmartBolts® technology to industrial clients based in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Listen to the […]

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DTI SmartBolts Demonstration Unit Easily Shows Indicator Operation

DTI SmartBolts® in action are a sight to see!  An indicator built into the head of the fastener changes color from red to black as tension is applied.  This color change occurs in real-time, with no moving parts, is completely reversible and has no detrimental effect on the useful life of the fastener. Demonstrating operation […]

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Quick Quote Service Now Available for Pre-Engineered SmartBolts

At Stress Indicators, we know our customers are always looking for ways to be more efficient. We developed SmartBolts® to improve the efficiency of your bolted joint installation and maintenance procedures. Now, we offer you a further efficiency with the introduction of Quick Quote, our fastest quoting service, available only for the recently announced DTI […]

DTI SmartBolts – Pre-Engineered Product Line and 2015 Catalog

At Stress Indicators, we have made our reputation by working closely with clients to develop SmartBolts solutions tailored to meet specific application requirements, and we will to continue to expand our capabilities in this area.  But now we are offering a new option for customers that have asked for a simpler and faster way to […]

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World’s Largest SmartBolts Manufactured for the Mining Industry

Stress Indicators, Inc. recently manufactured the largest DTI SmartBolts® to date at the request of mining equipment manufacturer FLSmidth. Weighing in at over 10 lbs., these SmartBolts are 2” in diameter and include our two most popular product upgrades: a Protective Recess and a Contamination Seal. The Protective Recess reduces the risk of impacts to a […]

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Stress Indicators, Inc. Expands Testing Capabilities

Stress Indicators, Inc. has expanded its manufacturing range to satisfy customer demand for SmartBolts® in applications that require large diameter fasteners. SmartBolts in diameters as large as 2-1/2” (M64) can now be tested in our new Skidmore-Wilhelm Model K tension tester. The Model K is the largest unit available from the company, and it was […]

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SmartBolts at IMEX2014: Booth 419

On September 23-25, the mining industry will convene in Las Vegas at the International Mining Conference & Expo (IMEX). The most innovative leaders in attendance will be searching for a product or technology that can advance the reliability and safety of daily mining operations while still managing to reduce the long-term costs of those operations. […]

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New Product Features Available for DTI SmartBolts: Retro Reflective Indicator

DTI SmartBolts® are more customizable than ever with three new product features now offered by Stress Indicators, Inc. We’ll focus on one new feature per newsletter – keep checking in for more details! New Feature #3: Retro-Reflective Indicator Installing and inspecting bolts underground or in other low-light environments comes with its own set of challenges. […]