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What is Proof Load of a Bolt and How is it Different from Yield Strength?

Your SmartBolts shipment has arrived, along with a Certificate of Compliance, which lists your SmartBolt specifications including bolt dimensions, grade and finish, as well as proof load, and other important information. In this article, we will explain in simple terms the meaning of proof load and why it’s important to know the proof load when […]

Here’s Our New ‘SmartBolts are on the Job Worldwide’ PDF!

We just released a PDF that gives a quick overview of SmartBolts. Learn some basic facts about how SmartBolts are based on measuring tension — not torque. See examples of SmartBolts on the job worldwide helping all kinds of industries keep production up and running, saving on inspection time and maintenance costs, and helping to […]

Liberation from the Impact of Lubricants on Torque Readings

From the dawn of civilization, lubricants have helped make it easier to slide objects past one another. Olive oil helped ancient Egyptians maneuver massive stone blocks into pyramids, and later melted animal fats greased chariot wheels. Up until the 1970s, oil from sperm whales was used to grease automobile transmissions. Today, a wide variety of […]

Torque is Not Always Tight

Using Torque to Measure Clamp Force — An Inconvenient Truth

The traditional method for tightening fasteners is to turn the bolt head or nut using a torque wrench. While the tool may be very accurate, measuring torque only measures how difficult it is to turn the bolt. Measuring rotational force provides little information about what is actually holding your critical joints together – these are […]