Did I get my bolts tight?

Are they staying tight?

How do I know?

Introducing SmartBolts®, a revolutionary new product changing the way you think about bolting.

Visual Indication System™

The Visual Indication System is a method of measuring bolt tension that is embedded in every SmartBolt. This technology uses color to indicate tension. Changes in color are proportional to bolt stretch, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.

Unmatched Benefits

SmartBolts® improve the safety and reliability of your equipment. A real-time visual alert of tension allows hands-free inspection. Service life is extended with full repeatability, reusability, and no wearable parts. Install and inspect on-the-go with no training required.

Unprecedented Value

Remove the doubt associated with fasteners. Simple installations and efficient inspections reduce operational costs. Furthermore, SmartBolts provide an early warning of reductions in bolt tension, leading to increased productivity and safer job sites.

How Do SmartBolts® Work?