For a fastener to do its job, it must be tight.
As a fastener is tightened it is forced to stretch.

Fasteners work like springs. When you stretch a spring, it pulls back – trying to return to its original size. The stretching force is called tension. The force that pulls back is called compression.

The stretching force on a fastener is also called tension. The tension creates clamp force, which holds things together.

Tap the images above to see how compression, tension and clamp force work.

How Does It Work? |

A SmartBolt is a fastener with a built-in visual tension indicator. We call this the Visual Indication System™. As a SmartBolt is tightened, tension forces it to stretch, and our patented Visual Indication System™ correlates fastener tension with color. Now, you can know at a glance that your bolts are properly tight and doing their job.

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