Surface, Underground

Mining involves the extraction, processing, and handling of raw materials from the earth. It requires heavy-duty machinery and equipment that can be operated reliably in rugged environments. When extreme loads and constant vibrations push bolted joints to the limit, our products ensure mining operations remain productive.

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Heavy Equipment

Mining, Construction

Heavy equipment is built for tough tasks and must meet high manufacturing standards. But mining and construction environments are demanding, and the failure of a single bolted component can bring an entire machine to a halt. SmartBolts provide constant assurance that critical components are secure to increase vehicle performance and decrease maintenance.

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Material Handling

Cranes, Conveyors, Shiploaders, Hoisting & Lifting

Almost all raw materials and goods are transported by conveyor, crane, or other type of material handling equipment in their journey from supplier to customer. SmartBolts improve the throughput of this equipment by keeping critical bolted joints secure and maintain an efficient flow of material wherever it goes.

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Plastics, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical

Factories are increasingly complex and constant innovation is required to remain competitive. The most critical manufacturing processes often depend on consistently secure bolted connections. When efficiency is paramount, our customers rely on SmartBolts to reduce the downtime of essential equipment and machinery and keep the workforce safe.

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Power Generation

Wind, Hydroelectric, Coal

Power is primarily generated with a turbine driven by wind, water, steam, or gas. The turbine drives a generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity – accomplishing this on an industrial scale requires massive structures and support systems. Our products ensure the most important bolted connections in these systems remain safe and secure so that electricity can be provided with absolute reliability.

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Power Distribution

Busway, Switchgear, Transformers

The final stage in the delivery of electrical power carries electricity from a transmission system to individual consumers. The voltage of electrical current must be managed so that it can be safely and reliably distributed to the end user. SmartBolts secure the components of the most critical electrical connections to safeguard the hazardous process of power distribution.

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Structural, Airports, Ports

Infrastructure involves an immense variety of structures and facilities. The tallest skyscrapers, the largest dams, the busiest seaports, the most advanced facilities – these all rely on bolted connections to remain functional and support our forward progress. SmartBolts provide the highest assurance of bolted joint security and keeps infrastructure resilient and reliable.

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Machine Building

Robotics, Medical, Fixturing

The machinery and equipment we interact with is always increasing in complexity, but the simple fact is that the most important component connections are often secured with bolts. When machines have components that rotate, vibrate, flex, or support load, SmartBolts are engineered to ensure the components stay secure and the machinery operates safely.

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