Quality Assurance

At Industrial Indicators, producing high quality SmartBolts is our most important job. From design to final inspection, quality is paramount. Our Quality Management program is modeled on ISO 9001 standards, and has been audited and approved by the most demanding OEMs. We can demonstrate full part traceability through every stage of our manufacturing process.


cadAll SmartBolts designs are conducted by our engineering team using state-of-the-art CAD tools and our extensive knowledge of bolting principles and material properties.



IMG_6623We source fasteners from a select group of quality fastener suppliers. We purchase only the finest fasteners to be transformed into SmartBolts. The fasteners we source have full Material Traceability Records (MTRs) available, which are in turn available to the customer upon request.

Inspection and Marking

IMG_6654All incoming fasteners are inspected and measured for specification conformity and to check for any flaws. Once the fastener has met our standards, it receives our hallmark and is batched to move into machining.


IMG_6605Industrial Indicators has the most modern CNC Turning Centers available and expert machine operators. Fasteners are machined to exacting tolerances and each piece is carefully checked for dimensional accuracy before proceeding to assembly.



IMG_6547A quality SmartBolt can only be assembled if all of the components and materials have been first been checked for quality. Quality goes in, and quality results.


SmartBolt Testing

testingEach and every SmartBolt produced is carefully tested and inspected prior to being signed off for inclusion into a customer order. 100% of SmartBolts are tested under tension to validate proper color response at the designated bolt tension.



IMG_6698Every batch of SmartBolts produced for a customer has its own Certificate of Conformance, which is normally provided with the customer shipment. These are kept on file for future customer reference as required.



IMG_6493At Industrial Indicators, we take pride in our efficient, compact and secure packaging methods. Our quality philosophy extends beyond the product to the packaging.



IMG_6579We communicate with our customers to notify them of any changes to schedule. When a shipment has left the dock, we will notify our customer with a courtesy email.